Friday, September 10, 2010

Loving Myself

Our Wednesday's sharing insight session shook me from these months of uncertainties.

Our team leader shared that she lives by these words:

I am too blessed to be stressed.

I am anointed to be disappointed.

Failure is not God's rejection but rather His redirection.

= = = = =
Still from our sharing insight session, a couple of teammates shared that it's best, more acceptable, to be criticized by someone who truly knows us. Albeit more hurtful, he/she is the person to knock our heads and advise us on things that troubling us.

An anonymous blogger/reader left a comment on my Monday, September 6 entry, saying if I'm numb not to realize that person I was referring to in my post no longer likes me. I rejected the comment since while he/she is right, he/she doesn't know me well to sound like it's too easy to give up on the fight I'm into now.
I'm not giving up on the fight.
However, I am loving myself back. I neglected myself the past months, or I say years, when I turned my back on possible opportunities and to achieve my dreams in exchange for supposed chance of loving and living my life with the one I love.
For now, I am gathering strength, working my hardest, filling my wallet, and my bank account, to achieve the things I wasn't able to enjoy when money was a major concern. I am blessed on this aspect at the moment, and I will use this blessing to start the path to love myself - more.
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