Monday, September 06, 2010

Thinning Thread

What else is there to do:

When you accepted it's your fault (even if not)?

When you pleaded so many times but your pleas are just falling on deaf ears?

When many times you humbled yourself, asked for forgiveness, when you're the one who's aggrieved?

When you suffered countless depressed nights of stifled crying and wailing, when the rest of the world continues to live on?

When you risked your sanity harboring ill thoughts to end your suffering or failed your health on occasions, but you still chose to stand up, continue, and fight?

Is it still worth fighting for? When you're back to harboring ill thoughts to end your suffering, when after so many struggles you managed to slowly, steadily, piece back your broken self? And still mending your broken self?  

The thread of hope is running thin.

Should you continue spinning to see if something beautiful would come out of what's left of this thinning thread?

Should I still remain here? Pleading? Waiting? And let my self break into so many pieces again? 
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