Friday, October 01, 2010

60 to 30: Comfy Brown Wednesday

Following Tuesday's floor walk, the next day was a hectic day (that started as 7:30AM - early for me these days) working with our visitors for a photo shoot.

I'm no stranger with that kind of work since when I was managing editor of MoneySense I took charge of our cover photo shoots (even interviewed the personalities). So I decided to wear something comfy (and our team lead allowed us to wear jeans, yay), so assisting Wednesday's photo shoot was a breeze with me wearing this:

Sage/dark brown tunic with brown, woven belt (small size) by twentyone from Forever 21 (PHP1025.00)

I wore this with black, skinny jeans and my gray, peep toe wedges (with matching my barely used huge, gray, ladies' bag), and later that day, I had my hair in an updo for a fresher look.

We encountered glitches during the shoot, and glad we were able to pull them off. Despite such, I was still feeling comfy. Our visitor from Mexico perkily exclaimed very early that day that she like what I'm wearing and it was so cute with the belt on (and she was perky until we packed up at 5:30PM!!!). Yey for the fashionista effort!

This indeed was a comfy wear that surely will be included in my staple wardrobe.
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