Friday, October 01, 2010

60 to 30: Dark Olive Tuesday

Yes, I had another epiphany on Tuesday morning (like the one I had last Monday) that I decided to wear this:

Short length, dark olive dress (small) with black belt, Love 21 from Forever 21 (PHP1428.50)

I bought this sometime in July and I've been meaning to wear this to the PPO season opening last month. But that didn't happen as agreed with my former officemates. Rather than my yellow hanger wear this in my closet for long, I decided to wear this to the office instead - another first in my office girl life.

I only wore tiny, silver stud earrings for this since the shoulder blades are adorned with black, shiny, medium-size buttons encased in silver.

As this is short, so I was always struggling to wear it decently especially when walking and seating - I kind of regret wearing it that day since it slipped my mind that we would be hosting visitors for a floor walk - on all three floors of our company. I wore this with my "killer" shoes for the sake of vanity:

Faux, brown snake-skinned (or alligator, haha) shoes from Janeo (Apologies for the dust gathered under the TV table on the background)

I endured the pain and I think it paid off. One of the visitors commended that me and the other ladies hosting the floor walk were all nicely dressed welcoming them - a stark contrast to their jet-lagged, rugged attire.

Since its sleeves are openly wide, I had to wear a black tube top inside, and I didn't have a jacket/blazer with me that I endured the office airconditioning, only covering my arms and legs with my pashmina.

Whew, what I day that I am able to pull this off - but I swear I'll not wear this again for another round of floor walk. No. Never.
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