Monday, October 25, 2010

60 to 30: So Many Questions ...

HER (9:56 PM):  your friends there know that you ended our relationship already?

HIM (9:58 PM):  they know we split up

HER (9:58 PM):  you told them that you ended it via email?

HIM (9:58 PM):  no

HER (9:58 PM):  why not?

HER (9:59 PM):  that’s what really happened right?

HER (10:00 PM):  please tell me – if it wasn’t my fault (as you said in your email) that you fell out of love with me, then why am i hurting about us?

HER (10:03 PM):  i wonder though what your friends think of me, if they only got to hear your side of the story …

HER (10:03 PM):  i also wonder, like you said, you asked (ex-wife) several times to get back with you even after all that happened between the two of you

HER (10:04 PM):  why can’t you reconsider me? us?

HER (10:05 PM):  when i am here loving you despite it all?

HIM (10:07 PM):  must you keep going on about it

HIM (10:08 PM):  not in the mood and i need sleep

HER (10:11 PM):  i am only asking.

HER (10:11 PM):  you rest now. i think i also have too. i’m having chills here.

HER (10:16 PM):  i am only asking, ___ . it’s not easy being left out not knowing what you did wrong ….

HER (10:18 PM):  good night.
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