Thursday, November 11, 2010

60 to 30: Ending to Beginning

I am ending this night frantically beating a deadline (and seguing to blog to unwind a bit).

I still have to pack for my travel.

I will close this last night of my 29th year with a prayer of gratitude:

- For all the things I am blessed
- For all the challenges I hurdled
- For the successes I had in my career and my quest for writing
- For my parents who raised me despite all the hardships
- For all our relatives who helped out to ensure I would get a very good education
- To my brothers who especially on valiant occasions, serve as my protector (mostly, they are my tormentors, haha)
- To all the friends who saved me from troubles and accepted me as I am
- The acquaintances, the colleagues, the mentors, the celebrities, the personalities I met and exchanged thoughts with, saved and learned a thing or two or more
- For discovering what it is like to love and to feel like to be loved
- To get hurt, cry, stand up, be normal, then crying again, but standing up once more
- For staying strong, and stronger

Thank you.

I am starting tomorrow with a prayer, and on my way to travel - to isolate myself even for four days to renew my spirituality, rediscover my faith, and cap this journey with a recharging experience.

Indeed, thank you that I am here.

And I look forward to becoming a better person for you all, those who believe in me, and for those who will come and be part of my life.
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