Saturday, January 01, 2011

Adios, 2010, Hola, 2011

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The year 2010 filled me with trials and triumphs, of joys and tears, of successes and failures.

I succumbed to the trials, to the tears, and to the failures - almost. But being surrounded with family, old and new friends, and God's never-ceasing guidance, I chose to be stronger and sturdier - after all, the visions I had for the relationship aspect of my life had "only" been my worst for 2010.

I have been blessed with a newfound career in the corporate setting (and before the year ended, I have been renewed for another year for the same project I am hired for). Coming from an unexpected source, I got a sideline that pays me well. I still got to write for two of the country's longest-running health and parenting magazines.

I also took time to have my health checked and I am following the experts' advise. What I found out are not exactly good, but I am not terminally ill either. I just have to really take good care of myself.

To compensate for my flagging self-esteem, I discovered the inner vain in me and started to buy and wear dresses and skirts. I have been complimented for such and my fashion purchases for 2010 totally revamped my closet that have seen from the thinnest to the medium-sized me now.

And before the year ended, I won my battle - my relationship have been mended. I do not know what 2011 holds for us, but I will remain faithful, resilient, and understanding to set this relationship to newer heights.

I am thankful that 2010 made me tougher. There are rough roads ahead, but with the blessings I am given and for the blessings I am able to share, there is no rough road for me and I will only aim for and bag triumphs, successes, and joys.

Good bye, 2010, and thank you.

What is in store for us this 2011?
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