Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where Did my “Half” Go?

What I meant was my first half of 2011.

It has been 6 months and 6 days since I last posted.

A couple of things have happened according to my plans.

Many things did not happen during the first half, but I am sure they will be realized before the year ends.

There were many things that I did not expect to happen, and I am still grappling with their impact on me.

To recap, I posted my 50 Must Do’s for 2011, and so far, these were I have accomplished:

1.      Write more! I am still a contributing writer for a monthly health magazine, though I miss writing for their sister magazine for parents. I also got back writing for an industry magazine (though for some reason, they still have to release that first quarter 2011 issue). I also was contacted again to write for a personal finance magazine where I used to work as a managing editor. My gig courtesy of my former senior PR associate is still continuing, and I will be marking my first year with them. Looking forward to more journalistic pieces to publish! 

2.      Snoop within. Yes, I am looking for an opportunity to continue working for my company, this time, overseas. I have discussed this with my manager and I have to lay out my plan to achieve this by 2012 as initially discussed.

Emotional, mental, and well-being:
1. I am trying my very best to be inspired – ALWAYS.

2. I am trying my very best to be more caring to my family.

3. I have to learn to be more forgiving – to forgive that person and to forgive myself.

4. I am learning to be more patient to that person, to myself, to my current situation I am into.

5. Be more respectful.

6. I am truly thankful.

7. I am always asking for more strength, and the Lord has not forsaken me.

8. I am praying my hardest and …

9. … and working my smartest.

10. I am looking forward to take a much deserved break on November.

1.      I bought a variable term, life insurance last June. 

2.      I enrolled in my company's stock purchase program and it will start this August. 

3.      I am planning my purchases - no splurging; I became less generous to myself (often is bad though and is open to abuse); less feel good buying; less comfort food tripping. 

4.      I limited my "happy spending" to twice a month, within PHP2,000 to PHP4,000. 

5.      I have invested in a mutual fund, not for me, but as a gift. Many opposed to my decision, but my point is, I promised this as a gift. Even though the recipient disappointed me, hurt me many times over, I am not the one to break my promise. I will do my very best to fulfill a promise - that is my belief.

Health and diet:  
1.      I  try my best to look (more) after myself regarding my colloidal, non-toxic goiter (opt for surgery?) and irregular period due to adenomyosis - which my OB-GYNE-SONO referred me to an oncologist since my left, ovarian cyst is quite persistent .... 

2.      Exercise:
a.       I try to exercise daily using the figure twister and arms and tummy trimmers
b.      I brisk walked/jogged once or twice a week last summer – I have to continue. 

3.      I eat in moderation (heavy brekkie; set lunch; light dinner; one morning snack; one afternoon snack; evening snack, optional, but not recommended) 

4.      I already have lessened my gourmet coffee once a week (at times, none!) or when only meeting my friends (especially when I have not seen them for the longest time and we would bond over coffee and long talks).

1.      Travel locally twice to thrice this year – looks like it will be for first quarter 2012, with a ticket already to Palawan. 

2.      I traveled to Melbourne, Australia last March and spent two weeks there – visiting the National Gallery of Victoria; The Ian Potter Centre; the University of Melbourne; seaside destination Sorrento, and I went around the city and the neighborhood and rode the tram by myself. I spent mostly for my own, proving I am self-reliant and will not be of burden to anyone. 

3.      I am planning to travel again – I set my heart to go back to Melbourne for my birthday to catch the King Tut exhibit. Considering my finances, instead of the original two weeks, I might just stay there for a week. Or I might not, as many concerned about me do not want me to get hurt any further when I return to Melbourne ….

1.      I continue to be a faithful and an understanding fiancée – but the situation is not what I am expecting to, considering a promise was made on my last night there in Melbourne ….

2.      I am managing my expectations about my man and toward the relationship – but the situation is different now and I am keeping my distance, I am holding on to my faith to him and this relationship ….


1.      I have started to give back - more - to the community and to those who are really in need. I joined a company CSR effort; a friend’s birthday treat to a home for the aged; and I am looking forward for more opportunities to pay it forward.

2.      I have only finished 2 books this yearThe Informant, Tuesdays with Morrie, and The Wisdom and Prayers of the Pope (Benedict XVI). Finishing now the 33 Concise Strategies to the Art of War. I bought several books already, and magazines and journals, my reading list just keeps longer! I must finish lots of good books, really!

Such were the things I have done and have happened during my first half of 2011. And as I first wrote, much as I like to stick to my vision, I did experience major stumbling blocks and I am still dealing with such ….

How’s your 2011 so far?

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