Monday, October 01, 2012

Sunday Matinee

When it was decided that September was a difficult one, I capped it by escaping and dressing up.

Yesterday, September 30, I escaped to the magical world of The Phantom of the Opera. And boy, it was truly worth an escape. I also missed going to the Cultural Center of the Philippines, where I covered events and also wrote about the center's woes and why arts is also a worthy cause to support.

Part of the escape was dressing up. I did not want to attend the matinee fully dolled up, but at the same time, I still wanted to come decently chic. Thus, my ensemble:

I wore the rust and black boyfriend blazer from Tomato; round neck, short-sleeved black top from Forever 21; grey jeans from W & Co.; square toe, black flats from SM Department Store. The mocha sling bag I used was the only bag I have which width perfectly matches the length of my umbrella. I first thought to not bring an umbrella because I was toying to use a clutch, but in this crazy weather we have, it is a must.

So that was my end of September. How's yours?
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