Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 and moving forward

Happy New Year to all!

I ended 2012 by letting go of things or habits that did not work for me and I forgave several people --- myself above anyone else. The new year --- and beyond --- is about "moving forward."

I first heard the phrase when I joined my current company. During meetings, if we would discuss something about what could we have done better for our clients, they would say, "moving forward ..." to ensure that the next time we complete a deliverable, the lessons learned from a not so good experience, plus best practices must be in place first and foremost.

During our visioning session last week, it was agreed that to move forward is better than to "move on" because the latter connotes an excess baggage that still burdens you while you attempt to bounce back from an unpleasant experience.

So, moving forward, I am bubbly to start 2013 right.

A better way to stick to my vision is to write them down. Being a journalist by training and former profession (but still my passion!) I love to write. And because of my love for writing that I was able to write about things I never thought I would be able to write about, like business and finance. And yes, I highly appreciate the notebooks/notepads and pens of customized, special kind as freebies/giveaways from press conferences or events I attended. And my planners/journals are great tools to aid me in moving forward.

From left: Time Check life planner designed by motivational speaker and TV host Anthony Pangilinan; Starbucks planners for 2008, 2011, and 2012; and Belle De Jour for 2010 and 2011

The Time Check life planner was given to me (actually I got two) from two press conferences I attended organized by Gwen Carino. Unlike any other planners, it is date-free --- you can start or continue whenever you want to or like to. It also has motivational and inspirational pages. When I like to put something into action and that overwhelms me, I first write it here until I organized my thoughts.

Of course, being a coffee drinker, the Starbucks planner has become a holiday tradition (except for 2010 that I skipped it for reason/s I forgot). Mainly, I use this for work --- time ins, deadlines, meetings, etc. Last year's planner also doubled for personal appointments, lessons learned, and milestones.

I got introduced to Belle De Jour when one press conference of Canon Philippines had this as a giveaway (being one of the advertisers). This overly girly planner is a hit because it has coupons of discounts, freebies, and upgrades from various establishments. The layout is so feminine coupled with motivational and inspirational messages. The best part of this is the menstrual tracker, which is useful for me given I have an irregular period and being monitored for it. Also, belatedly I learned that the planner was designed by one of the layout/graphic artists I worked with, so I guess the familiarity with it.

This year, and without expecting, I got two planners to fill in. Of course the Starbucks planner 2013 which I accomplished earlier than expected (thanks to my friends' help), and the Belle De Jour 2013, a Christmas gift from @carly_tops.

The Starbucks pen was wish granted from our team's kris kringle

After this post, I will start to write on these "moving forward" tools of mine for 2013. And at this early, I am praying that if my visions did not go accordingly as I claimed them to be, I know for sure that I tried and I will move forward more positively.

So, are you ready to move forward?
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