Thursday, January 03, 2013


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While filling out my Belle De Jour 2013 planner last night, I had to stop when I came across this: My power word for 2013 is ___.

The busy day Wednesday did not stop me from thinking about it. Until I remembered Elizabeth Gilbert's word (as cited in her bestseller Eat, Pray, Love): attraversiamo, Italian for "cross," as in "cross over."

Since I am pumped up with my self-created theme for 2013 which is "moving forward," I thought of it as my word. But that is a phrase of two words.

So I looked for its translation in Spanish: avanzando. Why Spanish? It is closer to home, with our language that heavily borrowed from Spanish (as we were colonized by Spain, and we already moved significantly forward from those 333 years of colonization).

So there, I have my positivity phrase. I have my power word for 2013 --- and they are one and the same in meaning.

I am moving forward.


What is your power word for 2013?
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