Wednesday, January 01, 2014


My Bitsrips version of me

Hello, 2014!

So that was 2013. Not my banner year. And in recent talks with friends, the same it was for them.

But on a different perspective, I am still blessed than those who went through a lot, like the Bohol earthquake and supertyphoon Haiyan survivors.

2013 is so over. So as they say in Meet the Robinsons (which quote was from Walt Disney) let's "keep moving forward."

For 2014, my intention is to BE FREE.

Be free from debt (Finance)

Be in a job that I truly love and will love me back (Career)

Be well (Health)

Connect more to God and Jesus Christ (Spirituality)

Cultivate more healthy relationships (Relationships)

To achieve such goals in those life areas, I have systems in place which I neatly wrote --- all for my 2014 vision and I already started acting on them this Day 1 in 2014.

Yes, there is a difference between goals and systems and how we know the difference will matter to achieve our intentions.

And those pretty pink stationery sheet were I wrote all these are now a living document as I accomplish my intention.

Add to such were the lessons learned from years past:

Ask. I am always reminded by an Italian friend that I cannot do all things by myself. I have to ask. But ask without expecting. If turned down, keep moving forward.

Be discerning. I had opportunities the past year that at first glance, they were tantalizing. But over the years, I learned to become more discerning. Of what truly matters to me and what will benefit me in the long-term.

Be patient. I am told that I am impatient, both in a positive and a negative way. Last year, I have truly been impatient to get ahead. Such almost cost me connections and friendships and potential romantic interests. I have to always remember that not all are as gung-ho as I am.

Wait. I believe the fullness of time has arrived for me and yes, I am still gung-ho to get ahead. This year though, I should wait --- patiently. And while waiting, I am carefully searching for opportunities that will help me get to where I want.

So, for 2014, I declare:

I am allowing myself

To be more flexible

To be more forgiving of myself

To let go

And it is safe for me

To be more understanding of people and situations that are beyond my control.

So let us all have an exciting and a fabulous 2014 and beyond!
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