Monday, September 01, 2014

Descovrir Never Give Up

The cross I had to carry early this year has not been lifted yet.

And now it only became heavier.

I am agitated. confused. Dazed. Down. Listless.
But I am trying to carry the cross no matter how heavy it has become.

And of all places, this receipt with this Post-it encouraging message was totally unexpected.

The cashier (name printed here) or the barista at CBTL Ortigas Park must have seen through what I have been going through (I came from two important meetings that day and really tired and hungry and I still have to work after), thus these encouraging words:

This 5 pm lunch on August 19 came with this Post-it inspirational note: NEVER GIVE UP!

Bless them for boosting my spirits that day.

The days are uncertain. I am scared. Scarred. Battered.

But the only way to get to where I need to is to NEVER GIVE UP.

I have to remind myself of such three words whenever bleakness envelopes me.

NEVER GIVE UP, Descovrir. 


*Photo by me, is mine, in case you see it elsewhere.

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