Monday, December 01, 2014


This is not Christmas the Kitten (I felt I was invading the kitten's recovery if I snapped a picture of it), but the kitten almost looks like this. Photo from

While this is the last month of the year, this is a new month since I turned a year older weeks ago.

A month of fresh start. Looking forward to be consistent about this effort.

I am not happy. But I am content for now.

And I like to infuse doable "lifehacks" for my own well-being.

I started today.

Sunshine is good to start the day. So I finished my brekkie coffee while sitting outside our front door. It was rainy this morning but the morning glow with a touch of cool, December breeze was a good start.

Toward the afternoon, it went off tangent. My mom got into an altercation with the neighbor's house help --- something to do with the house help sweeping off the street and dumping the dried leaves and plastics near our gate.

What caught me though was the kitten that was freezing cold, breathing laboredly because that house help, according to my mom, hosed down the neighbor's plant box. Whether she did not know that a kitten was there, I had no idea (but mom said she knew, or my mom said that because she was upset with that house help).

The whole afternoon, after each article I edited, I stepped out and checked on the kitten. Through a plastic straw, I wet its lips with milk. Its noisy meow was an assurance for me that it is still alive --- and fighting. I kept talking to the kitten, blowing it dry, and started calling it "Christmas."

Good thing that it got warmer and eventually, the kitten got itself dry. And it kept purring and meowing every time I try to have it sip milk.

When I left earlier tonight, it was no longer in the plant box --- my mom said the old lady  neighbor is fond of animals --- so I am hopeful that Christmas is now in good hands.

As for that house help, I could not help but gave her a sharp look, she saw me nursing the kitten but she was unmindful or it did occur to her that because of her the kitten was freezing for hours.

Anyhow, I hoped I was able to help that kitten --- as I am scared to hold the kitten so I was nursing it through a straw.

Overall, good start to my December --- with TV bonding earlier with mom as we finished a small tub of Chef Tony's mochaccino popcorn.

Then now, while waiting for an article to edit, I am blogging today's blessing --- to be of help to others, humans and kittens alike.

I hope that kitten, Christmas, is off to a good start, as I attempt to have mine.

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