Saturday, December 24, 2016

Choose to be grateful

I am choosing to always be grateful, and loudly express it, despite the circumstances.

A change of mindset makes this possible. Believe me, it is not easy especially when I am under pressure at work or battling my way in a busy hypermarket with all those hurrying shoppers and equally pressured cashiers and baggers.

So when I am feeling that I am becoming impatient, that I could not smile at all, and I am no longer verbally responding to somebody talking to me, I observe other people. How they keep their cool, how they are smiling, how they laugh heartily.

I saw this during a site visit with a client early this week. We went to the construction site of the training and learning center they have donated to a community in Cagayan De Oro. That same community was also helped by my client to resettle in their current site about three years ago. This is not the first time the community members thanked my client / company, but how they said it felt like it was the first time my client visited them and handed them the gifts that would make their lives sustainable.
Why can't we be all like them?

As we feast on our Christmas spread, exchange gifts with our family and friends, let us not forget that the reason for this occasion was the greatest gift of all --- Jesus Christ's birth.

Let us all be thankful we have what we have, and we will have more because of our faith in the One Above There, who sacrificed His Son so we are redeemed.

And for a change, let us try to always say grace, to be thankful for what we have, how we are still standing despite our current setbacks, and claim and thank in advance the blessings, the opportunities already lined up for us. Let us keep the faith.

Let us be grateful.
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