Friday, December 16, 2016

My favorite PH-made, Christmas 2016 campaigns

More Christmas / holiday campaigns are coming in and oh the feels.

Here is my new list, Filipino-made and feels, to add to my  #Top5: My favorite Christmas 2016 commercials:

Globe x Rogue One #CreateCourage campaign

This is not exactly a holiday campaign, but tied with the opening of the newest film in the Star Wars franchise, Rogue One.

This is very touching, not only it appeals to the Star Wars fans, but the courage of this girl to continue despite what she is going through is simply amazing. I have seen this couple of times already, but when she removed her Stormtrooper helmet, I still shed tears. And I am sure so did you.

Jollibee's Ang Regalo ni Lolo

The country's leading fast food chain has been known making commercials that espouse the values of Filipino family. In this campaign, this teaches us that it is not the amount of gift that matters, but how much thought, effort you put into it to make someone happy.

Mc Donald's The Boy Who Loves to Study

Remember the viral photo of Daniel Cabrera from Cebu, the boy who studies under the light of a Mc Donald's branch in their area? A year after, the American fast food chain reunited him with Joyce, then a MedTech student who took the photo of Daniel. Joyce said they were moved by Daniel's motivation to study despite his circumstances and that reminds her that she has no excuse to not study well because this boy is doing his best. Donations poured in for the boy and his mother, Mc Donald's giving him allowance until he finishes high school. Like with the #CreateCourage campaign, this one never fails to make me cry even if I have seen this a couple of times already.

Uber's #FindYourWayHome - Marie

The first of a 3-part series from this ride hailing services, the twist on this one is sad at first thought, but overall, it reminds us again that spending the Christmas and New Year with our loved ones is the very best to spend the occasions.

It is a good thing that there are still creative geniuses out there, companies with a heart who are able to come up with wholesome, heartfelt campaigns like these. And these are the kinds of post worth sharing on our social media accounts, not the vile, poisonous, fake posts we see these days.

Do not forget your box of tissue when viewing these.

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