Thursday, October 19, 2006


When was the last time you got confused?

Confused about what to wear for a day, what to eat for lunch, where to go for a Friday night out?

Or confused about life?

It is way better to be confused about simple matters, but when it comes to life-changing ones, that’s another story.

But you’ll have to decide. And somehow, pride dictates that you have to stand by your decision.

But what if you feel that you decided against your will – I mean, you decided upon a matter that is not what you exactly wanted? OK, you thought it was the right thing to do initially, but what if other factors came in to play that makes you rethink your decision?

I’m rambling – and I’m rambling big time now.

I’m confused about life.

= = = = =
On a happier note, I finally got the invite to the 28th Catholic Mass Media Awards proper.

Our cover story package on the small and medium enterprises, “SMEs: Little Giants of the Local Economy,” published last September 2005, is cited as a finalist for the best investigative report category.

Happier thing is there are four of us in our company who were named finalists, including officemate Jen here.

Sounds petty, but one of my dreams as a starting journalist is to be recognized in an award-giving body like this – and it happened. I am really thankful that through what I did, our publication is, in a way, honored.

I got two recognitions officially as a professional journalist, the first was early this year. in only more than a year as business features writer, I consider this, truly, blessing, and a reminder, that I should continue improving whatever craft I have.

And win or not, I’m still cute, hehehe.
= = = = =
But really, I’m confused.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Viva Sto. Tomas!!!

as my friend says through text last night: "Viva Sto. Tomas...finally!!!"

for me, it's always been VIVA STO. TOMAS!!! it's just that the institutional pride is heightened now by the fact that my alma mater bagged that basketball title - which UST last had in 1996

in his thank you speech, coach pido jarencio, paraphrasing him, was right to say that the Season 69 finals was won for the entire UST community - for the students, faculty, priesthood, administration, services, alumni - and that although the most-watched UAAP event ended already, he called to continue to support UST in other UAAP events, in other endeavors...

with this, VIVA STO. TOMAS!!!