Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Advices to bring home

good thing a friend who's like a big brother to our group went online and to him i related my latest woes - earlier post.

as stated, he told me:

it's okay to feel bad... ilabas mo ang sama ng loob mo... but don't let the bad things ruin you from being the best you can be...

you're a good writer and you have principles... that's good... keep it up

you're tired... you need rest and a little space...

things won't change by tomorrow but i'm sure you'll see things clearly by tomorrow...

i think you've overexerted yourself maybe not just for the past weeks but months... lynda tao ka lang ha... don't overexert yourself...

you wouldn't be in the writing business if you're bad although marami talagang rotten tomatoes sa kahit saang industry

= = = = =
i feel better now... i can go home - with eyes not red anymore (although swollen, hehehe)

thanks, kuya... thanks Lord, as always...


this is the first time i feel so worthless as a journalist - and i have the nerve to call myself one.

all i feel now is that i am a trash - trash, trash, trash.

and i am angry.

i am depressed.

and i am crying now. and i do not know for a fact if this is worth crying.

all vague here - but i just need to let this out for now...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rambling II

bits and pieces here:

dysmenorrhea sucks.

coughs and colds and hoarse voice this season - really boo.

having doubts on jumping from one work to another kills me, as mommy really has her points - thinking about those sucks big time.

i think my writing adonis or muse wandered again. i stare listlessly on the monitor for long, not knowing what to do. boo!!! bawasan kasi ang kape, ang praning mo na, lynda!

hope these are just all Christmas blues...