Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Never mind missing Batman's "The Dark Knight..." long as it is for our future.

Yes, feeling so blessed here, this day has been great so far.

Though Mommy woke me up early to go downstairs and talk to the apartment owner if ever she knocks and blasts a mouthful (this is another story, but I will not waste my energy further on someone who thinks she has the license to be arrogant and mighty since she's based abroad already and spent a million pesos for a 3-door apartment, anyway), and while catching some sleep on the sofa, I straightened up when I heard my phone was ringing - it was my fiance calling!!!

He said they were already in Port Douglas and unloading cargo, and that he hopes Internet is back there at their share house (last time he was back in Cairns, we were not able to see each other online since their Internet server had a problem, so we were calling each other until Friday when he was about to sail again).

He asked me how am I doing, and inquired about the visa; I told him I was getting anxious over it since it was supposed to be 5 to 7 days (working days I think), and yesterday, as to my count, was the 11th day already - he said not to worry much about it, and that if there was any problem about my application, I should have been informed right away, besides I was a good tourist when I was there in Melbourne early this year, he says - he said he will me see me tonight online, so waiting for him now (while blogging this).

Less an hour after his call, a FEDEX guy was right at the apartment gate looking for me - Mommy called out for me and I knew it, it was my visa!!! The FEDEX guy asked me to check it, showed to him the personal page of my visa (to prove it was me), he got the package and encoded to his gadget (don't know what was that called), confirming I actually received my passport (with the visa label on it). I was hoping for a multiple entry tourist visa (since every application is now AUD100 already or P4,300, would be a savings if I got it - but what's important is that I now have the means to be with my most beloved).

Yahoo!!! Now to check and reserve again for my ticket - airline rate is up again (we had to postpone this get together since his schedule is full for this August, sailing every week at that); I'm also spending the days busy with the jobs I have (actually, I'm on the look out for more income sources, so please, if you think I am qualified for your editing/writing requirements, let me know, much appreciated, thanks!!!)

I also remembered earlier how I got upset and sad when Robin broke three weeks ago the news of his work schedule and that we had to postpone this trip - he even said, he'd be doing this for our nearest future - save for our wedding and spouse visa requirements, be with him for good, and get an apartment the soonest time possible. Though I was assuring him that I understood about his work schedule, my face said other wise - I went downstairs and cried in the bathroom, asking myself it was him who asked me to check my schedule so we can spend time again (been six months since we were together in Melbourne) and then he was altering that immediate plan he wanted us to achieve.

I even remembered that night of his news how I asked him long before that we watch The Dark Knight as part of our anniversary date (last July 12 when we met; July 25 when we became boyfriend/girlfriend; Sept. 1 when we actually met; Oct. 3 when we got engaged - ooppss, four anniversaries there), and he agreed - and I cried further at the prospect of not being able to watch it with him, I mean it was not about The Dark Knight, I was crying about a "broken promise"....When I came back to chat with him, my face was really sad, I even started MSN Solitaire Showdown so we would just play and not talk further about the trip being postponed. He saw how upset I was - after much talk that night, we exchanged sorry for misunderstanding each other that night and vowed that we will go on, persevere no matter what. And now, I'll be with him for a month!!! Really hoping and praying we'll be together for good.

For those who wished me well on this upcoming trip, thank you very much. For those who are still skeptical, doubtful about me, or about Robin, or about our relationship, I don't blame you - and we need not prove ourselves to you - Robin and I have gone this far, and we're focused on our aim to be the best of husband and wife, lovers, and partners, and parents to our kid/kids.

All I am praying and working for each day is that we get stronger every day, that our love grow and grow further, that even strangers' cynicism is nothing compared with what Robin and I are sharing all this time (yes, we're still getting that - me being a Filipina and how some of my fellow women abused the trust and splurged the money of their foreigner partners/husbands; him being an Australian and how some of his fellow men maltreated, even killed their Filipino partners/wives).

I am not perfect, my life is not, but I am blessed, and I am thankful for that - for my family, my friends, my mentors, my one-and-only Robin - I am working on my best to be humbled by the challenges and blessings I have and will be getting. (And that when I'm finally be based abroad, I hope to firmly plant my feet on the ground and not be boastful like that of our apartment lessor - bad me, but I don't want to be part of a "tragedy" - how Filipinos who got to earn abroad felt so rich and became air heads, like of our lessor [ooppss, this is supposed to be a happy post!!!]).

And with this upcoming trip, looks like Robin and I can still catch The Dark Knight considering its performance in the box-office.

Above all, the nearest future will be changing for me, and I'm blessed to have the man who chose to love me and will spend the rest of his life with me.

Now waiting for him for a night of chat.