Wednesday, November 12, 2008

16 (12 years ago)

"So...16 today?"

That was my fiance's greeting to me (after his cheery "happy birthday, munchkin!") I laughed hard with my fiance's greetings - 16, wow.

So far, so good for today:

Got greetings in advanced, thank you all. And for the presents, too:

Hot and spicy tuna rolls ready; mommy prepared mango float already. Waiting if my little brother will get me something, (haha, assuming)

My mahal told me to get a "little present" for myself - I wonder what though...

Might avail of a facial spa later (if I don't get stuck at work, that is).

A PR friend, Edwin Galvez, arranged a spa trip for me in Tagaytay next Wednesday; shame he will not be able to join, and a former editor of mine back in the newspaper. I still have to inform the gracious spa owners if I'm pushing through or not (it's not "fun" to be there alone, that's my concern)...

Got also a gift card from a bank (good thing it's a prepaid card, so even if it's Visa, there's no risk [or minimal risk] for me to splurge)

= = = = =
When I was 16, all that mattered to me was to keep my honor status in high school, and win every competition I was joining in; being 28 now means more concerns to deal with - staying on top of everything; improving finances; fulfilling my familial duties.

I'm blessed to still be around - especially a "shitty" 2008 for me so far....

I have one "simple" wish though that I've been wishing since last year - to be with my beloved for good.

We're kind of affected by the money crisis going on, so we're still afar and not yet married (when he asked me last year to marry him, I wasn't emotionally ready; now that I am, our finances are not, so we're kind of slowing down about tying the knot anytime soon....)

If I'm with him now, all I want for this day is to have nasi goreng and gyoza for our lunch, pizza for our dinner, and a movie date to squeeze in. He remarked earlier that was "simple" compared with what I did on his birthday last June - I "told" the whole wide world of his birthday and asked for greetings for him!

And yes, we will have that nasi goreng and gyoza (he promised to make some for us, yahoo) and a movie date, hopefully, on my next birthday. Makes me like I'm 16 again, giggling on the thought I'll get to spend my birthday with my beloved (last year, he left the Philippines six days before my birthday....)

Anyway, 16 was before; being 28 now, I'm up to a whole new set of challenges. I just need to be stronger and strengthen my faith that I can do all the best things possible for the people who believe in me, for my family, for my husband-to-be, and for myself at that.

= = = = =
For those celebrating their birthdays today like me, happy birthday to us all! For those who are curious what kind of personality we have those born on this date, here's a peek:

From November 12 birthday astrology:
November 12 Scorpios possess a dual nature and may be perceived as a "saint" or "sinner." Their penetrating intelligence is almost unnerving because it seems able to decipher the others' motives. They are loners, yet they have a magnetic personality. They can use their appeal to manipulate, though they risk alienating others if they do.

Scorpio Information for November 12
You should embrace: Enchantment, self-reliance, devotion
You should avoid: Unkindness, selfish motives, vindictiveness

Friends and Lovers
November 12 men and women arouse strong feelings -- people either like them or dislike them. They have a hard time trusting others. Although passionate, they may have periods of self-inflicted celibacy. They are happiest in a relationship that allows physical and spiritual intimacy.

Children and Family
As with almost everything else, November 12 people find that family life is a study in extremes. They take the lessons of childhood into their adult life. They may have difficulty showing their children affection. This generally becomes easier as the children get older.

November 12 people require emotional and spiritual motivation to feel good about themselves. If they are unhappy, they may seek relief in food, drink, or drugs. If they can get interested in a workout routine, they are likely to become fixated on it, rather than on bad habits.

Career and Finances
These men and women are ambitious and eager to prove that they have what it takes to be successful. Because they don't really get along well with others, they do best in a career that rewards solitary accomplishment. They are often careless with money. This could be the result of indifference or a lack of financial training.

Dreams and Goals
People born on this date want their talents recognized. They often possess great sensitivity in this area and are caught between wanting their dreams to come true and feeling certain they won't. When they're feeling good about themselves, they can accomplish amazing things. They simply need to believe in their own abilities.