Sunday, August 02, 2009

Yellow for mourning

(From Definitely Filipino Facebook page)

Her celebrity daughter, Kris Aquino, had said it earlier in a TV interview - their family had decided to have a "people's funeral" instead of a "state funeral" as the Filipino people will honor former President Corazon "Cory" Aquino, not Malacanang - the highest seat of power tainted by an administration that did not clearly express its willingness to give up power by 2010.

It was a right decision the family made - it was the Filipino people who were with the Aquino family when Cory's husband, Sen. Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr. was assassinated in 1983; it was the Filipino people (through political supporters) that catapulted the self-described "housewife" to become the first lady president of the Philippines and Southeast Asia; it was the Filipino people, who majority experienced hardships in her six-year administration marred by several coups, but nonetheless, remained a believer in this lady who remained calm despite the challenges her administration had faced; it was the Filipino people, from all sides, all camps, who moved and united in prayer and tributes for the recovery of Tita Cory - and for such outpouring of support, the Aquino family is very generous to the Filipino people, by holding a public viewing of their mother's remains.

Let's give it to the Aquino family - they could have even chosen to not hold a public viewing, but they are still letting the public feel Cory is one with them even up to her death.

It could not be helped that the mourning will be widely covered by the press/media - especially how tributes abound when a famous personality dies, and how such make us desensitized (at times, making an unlikely festive event out of a grieving occasion) - but the tributes we see now for Tita Cory are all well-deserved - it is the Filipino media's way of thanking her for restoring the freedom of speech and expression (as included in the 1986 Constitution).

Those aspiring to run for public office in 2010 should set aside their ambitions now and should mourn, even for a short time, to a leader they - or some - of them sought for inspiration and endorsement (perhaps) come every elections.

They instead should learn to be like Cory - calm, decent, simple, and did not aspire for much power and stepped down as mandated by the Constitution.

And yellow, the very color associated to Tita Cory, has now become the color for mourning - this might be a color for this grieving time, but yellow will always be remembered as, there was once a Corazon "Cory" Aquino, dressed often in yellow, who have had united the Philippines through its difficult times.