Saturday, February 06, 2010


It was sudden.

Despite the futile attempt to be rational and calm, tears just fell.

Tears continued to stream as I attempted to make sense of the situation I suddenly got into.

Later that day, I am hating myself for being weak - recently, I was just "thanked" for displaying the kind of leadership that person is looking for.

But, at that time tears were just freely falling, I disappointed myself for displaying such weakness. I felt I was not the leader that I was cited for.

I am also torn between being angry and sorry for someone I did not expect to do such action. And I don't really know how would I be dealing with that person in the coming days. I only hope I will be more rational - and more forgiving.

The coming week will be a real challenge.

But as my little brother jokingly said earlier, I live an "exciting and dramatic" life. And that I should stay positive, he advised.

We'll see. For now, I have to be stronger. Display my strength. And be the leader that I am.