Sunday, August 29, 2010

Descovrir's 10 "Must" Dos Before 2010 Ends

The following are my 10 must dos before 2010 ends ... and I will do them all - and I will succeed.

Health and Wellness
1. Meet the experts. I've met a couple of them and what they shared were both good and bad news. And be brave what they have to say about my concerns. And ask questions because this is my well-being.

2. Decide big. There seems one, most viable option but I am still scared about it, but I have to decide to do it on or before 2010 ends. I'll ask for more expert advice.

3. Get slim. Last June I weighed 128 lbs. When I tried again the weighing scale August 1, I was already 130 lbs. The following week - I'm already 132 lbs.! Hmm, there's a discrepancy there. In any case, I want to be slim again. Many thought I'd not put any weight but yes, I'm human, and I'm gaining weight.

4. Run and dance, dance and run. Aligned with No. 3, yes, I'll go back to jogging - this time, consistently. And by Tuesday, I'll start with hip hop abs upon a dear friend's invitation. Go, go, go!!!

5. Pamper myself - often. I'm working hard and I deserve some pampering. So the scheduled trip to the salon, and add spa and manicure and pedicure. Consider also a trip to the dermatologist (because those pimples are having a good time congregating at the right corner of my nose, hmph).

6. Dress up. Literally, wear a dress. The compliments I got when I wore a dress (below) for a very special occasion was fuel for me to be dressy once in a while. But sorry, I'm still your jeans-kind-of-a-girl.

6. Write, write, write. I still write for my full-time job, but it's totally different from the kind of writing (and editing) I've been doing for years. That's why whenever there's an opportunity to be more creative in this area, I don't think twice about it and do it. And that's why also I'll be more religious in updating my blogs.

7. Back to the classics.  I miss the times writing about the arts and culture that's why, among with two buddies, we'll catch the opening salvo of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra this September 10. I also like to read more classics, from Shakespeare (I don't think I've ever read a whole work of him??? Shameful indeed) to more notable, critical works.

8. Be musical. Yes, there's this eureka moment (by a former work buddy) that we try learn a musical instrument. I've been looking around to check the prices for this, as well as available classes we could start taking. I just hope I'll be flexible enough to pull this off, as this is one area I've never done yet (well, singing, but I'm not that good a singer, ehem, ehem).

9. Save to spend big. Yes, you read that right. Either it's a week-long travel out of the country as a birthday present to myself or have that as a seed money for a long-term investment. Good thing this area is doing well, and I intend to make more money to fulfill my other long-term money goals.

10. Keep the faith. And continue to love. It's not ideal at the moment. But we're trying. I always pray that we'll be stronger, tougher, and more transparent about the situation.

There goes my Top 10 to do before 2010 ends. What about yours?

Sunday, August 15, 2010


It's been two months and two days since my last post, and a lot had happened already:

We now have a new President, now on his 46th day in the office;

I will be on my second month this August 18 in my seventh full-time job as Deal Specialist for one of the top 20 companies in the Fortune 500 list, and so far, I'm doing fine per my one-on-one meeting with my manager last July;

On my social life, I got to see my lifetime friends on random, special occasions, like when Leah got married to Erwin last July 17;

When G and Harold and their three, beautiful kids prepared a despedida lunch last August 1:

Got to be with my former officemates over dinner and movie dates: 

With the MS mag ladies on July 9, 2010


With Thet and Doreen over movie date and huge dinner, July 24, 2010

Through my new job and as a form of team bonding, I discovered a have a "future" in bowling. From my first game that I got 41, last Thursday, August 12 for my second game, I striked and finished my game with 73 points. Not bad, eh?

I also began attending to my health concerns - I won't still be seeing a doctor had not for my pre-employment requirements (I was supposed to start June 16 but I had to secure medical clearance so I started to work June 18). For the past two months, my weekends were spent mostly on consultation, ultrasound, biopsy, etc. On to seek second opinion for these health concerns.

On love life, it's under major construction. It's been two months and three days since we started communicating again after more than a month that he just withdrew from everything we were trying to build. I'm not losing hope, the situation is frustrating - especially if you don't know what situation you're into - but life is short, I want to find out for myself if this is still worth it ....

Hopefully, I get to blog more in the coming days - so much to blog (and not all about love life and its complications). So, I'll be back.