Friday, July 19, 2013

DESCOVRIR Leandro by bike

And so I had another food poisoning episode yesterday (my second for the year) and this time, it turned out to be acute gastroenteritis.

Spent half of my working Thursday sick as a puppy with bad throwing up and diarrhea episodes, and when I managed, my manager and teammate accompanied me to The Medical City, where I spent almost five hours at the ER waiting for consultation, tests, test results and pondering about what is going on with my life --- relationships, career, and health most of all (this is my second trip to the same hospital for this week; Monday was scheduled FNAB and aspiration of my non-toxic goiter). I was thinking, if I am getting sick like this, I will not be able to accomplish what I want in life. I was fighting tears and self-pity last night and I think I did a pretty decent job.

But when I finally got home, I again pondered what is it I am doing wrong to experience all these, and after chatting online with a friend, I felt better. On medication and ordered to rest for two days, and with WiFi fixed thanks to my youngest brother, now I am amusing myself here in my bed, reading, chatting, browsing the Internet, and now attempting to complete this blog post using my iPad 2, (on Safari than in Blogger app as I find it difficult to blog there).

And on this day I am told to rest, and in a way, to be still, I stumbled upon an inspiring story of a young man who aims to bike his way from Amsterdam to Asia, and in his recent trip, landed him to Vatican City and had a very special audience with Pope Francis.

How did Leandro do it? With someone who managed to have his letters read by Pope Francis, he above all believes that life is simply crazy and that nothing is impossible: the next day you may find yourself camping in the forest with no shower and in his case, a non-Catholic who was humbled by the experience to meet Roman Catholic Church's most inspiring leader to date.

To read more about Leandro Martins' meeting with Pope Francis, here:

Thank you, Leandro, for sharing your experience meeting Pope Francis.

Thank you for that dose of inspiration and with that, I will aim more regardless how the flesh is weakened by frail health. If I truly believe, and be inspired through Pope Francis' humbleness and gentleness as a leader, I will achieve what the Lord, through his son, Jesus Christ, has planned for me.

Pope Francis signing Leandro Martins' well-travelled Brazilian flag, photo from Leandro's blog

Monday, July 15, 2013


Six months and 15 days and we are already in the half of 2013.

How time indeed flies. My first half of the year was so-so, but I still have the remaining year to turn things for the better.

I admit, there were days this year that were truly unbearable that I wished to be gone from the face of the earth.

There were days I wished never happened.

There were days I felt like I died in anticipation for something fortunate to happen.

But there were days that I was all right, and for those, I am thankful.

There were days I am simply thankful I smiled for something seemingly ordinary, like seeing gleeful kids playing with dried leaves on one summer afternoon.

There were days I am very thankful for coffee for making me comfy on a tough day.

There were days --- and nights --- that I was spontaneous, and I liked the spontaneity I experienced.

There were days leisurely spent with dear friends.

There were days spent staying at home watching TV shows or movies with mom and my younger brothers.

There were days I am at peace finishing a book.

There were days I met new friends and spent hours discovering one another through exchange of stories --- and their stories transported me to their countries, to their own worlds that only heightened my desire to travel more and discover more for myself.

I am thankful for the days I experienced the bad and the ugly because there were sunny and hopeful days to look forward to.

And for those awful days, I am trying to learn not to count how long they had been. Rather, I think that soonest, 2013 will be over and that I pulled it off with God's grace.

Indeed, as The Happiness Project author Gretchen Rubin sums it up:

The days are long but the years are short.

Watch the clip here: