Sunday, June 01, 2014


Voila! June is here. We are already in the half of 2014.

How was your first half?

Surely there are the highlights and the lowlights.

I have my share of both, though the lowlights outshine the highlights. But my highlights matter more.

My highlights included:

Yours truly with Mitch Albom, February 2014

Bucket list:
Humbled. In February, I had my less than 15-minute of fame with the American inspirational author Mitch Albom. Almost 12 hours after and no. 1570 to have my picture with him and book, The First Phone Call from Heaven, signed by him---I endured it all together with enthusiastic fans (thousands!!! That Glorietta malls and National Bookstore logistics personnel could not handle all the fans and had to cut the over long line before the program start); that my friends whom I am supposed to meet that day, endured waiting for my turn as well (and they too were amazed how Albom was treating his fans---selfies galore!!!) that we had our dinner almost 11 p.m.

His visit here was also an extension of his charity work, helping the supertyphoon Haiyan survivors, even asking pledges from fellow celebrity authors to donate their works to stock the proposed rebuilding of libraries in the supertyphoon-stricken areas. The "fan" experience was really humbling.

Professional development:
Coached and mentored on Storytelling by a topnotch learning and development director (who used to work with Steven Spielberg), making me the only employee from the Philippine office of that company to (actively) participate in that workshop.

Returning to a media job. Albeit temporarily as agreed with my hiring editor. I signed my part-time, consultancy contract for Desk Editor for the Business section of a pioneering news organization in the country. I had my baptism of fire earlier today and I am relearning my way back into newsroom pressure.

Sharing expertise and knowledge. I had an opportunity to lead a 1-hour demo training on Technical Writing for government bank leaders and managers (though I have not heard again from the training agency I was in touch with). Also, after years, I again taught Newswriting, this time, to students of Maria Concepcion Cruz High School in Pateros. The opportunity / outreach was made possible by The Varsitarian where I was an alumna. I really hope that the children learned a thing or two from the half-day training. I am thankful for their patience and enthusiasm despite the inconvenience bought about by the location, technology, and weather.

Personal development:
Relearning leadership. Prior to my current part-time job, I was going through all the leadership materials I have from the trainings my former company sent me. I am not done yet so I am making time to relearn them again as aligned with my aspiration to return or assume a senior leadership / managerial role.

My stash (Why Men Love Bitches is not mine though). A couple of titles have been added already, plus there are more in my bookshelf and bed side table .... More time to read please!

Loving reading. Yes, I have a backlog of books, ebooks, and magazines that since my redundancy, I got more time to read. I am mostly devouring now career / leadership / management books, with self-help and fiction on the side. 

I was here! At Pinto Art Museum, January 2014

Traveled with a dear friend, getting lost in Antipolo finding Pinto Art Museum which we both liked, and how appreciative he was that I bought him to such a place. He like it so much that he was intending to bring there his visiting colleagues. I like to visit again soonest, a more proper tour, so I can document the exquisite works curated there.

Sunburned at Ilocos Norte. Pagudpud, March - April 2014

Explored Ilocos Norte. From my stay in Saud Beach, Pagudpud, to day tour of the town and adjoining towns Bangui (windmills and the scorching sand that burnt my feet and Ipanema flip flops!) and Burgos; then Laoag, Paoay, Batac---it was an experience, made more pleasant by the locals I met and guided my solo tour. I love the museums (Museo Ilocos Norte, Malacañang of the North, the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum); the Augustinian churches (Paoay Church specifically), the food (Pinakbet and Dinuguan pizza from Cafe Herencia in Paoay; the Empanada Surprise from Johnny Moon Cafe). Though my return flight via Philippine Airlines was delayed for almost four hours, the trip was worth it.

Social life:
Loving my friends---more. I appreciate how I consider my closest friends showered me with support and understood me during the height of my career slump. I always love our catch ups over dinner and coffee. And I look forward to seeing more of them for the rest of the year, perhaps we all travel together or discover new places to hang out with.

Welcoming new colleagues, mentors, and friends. Tops. As I expressed in my previous post, I am truly thankful to you all.

= = = = =
There goes my midyear review. As I mentioned, it was not all highlights but still, I had my highlights.

I am claiming that the rest of 2014 will have more highlights and I am ending it with a positive, loud bang.

Such will be made possible by all those dear ones and those will I meet.

Are you looking forward to the next half?

*Photos by me, are mine, in case you see them elsewhere.