Sunday, October 12, 2014

DESCOVRIR Waves and Rocks

Another year is closing for me --- and it has been a very difficult one. Tops.

There are days that I wonder why am I here?

Why I made such decisions?

Why my efforts resulting in nothing?

But most days, I just let things be as they are. No matter how bad they could be.

I accomplish as much as I could in a day. And the next day, it would be the same cycle.

Such lefts me beaten, tired. But I have to continue.

I remember the video I took in Saud Beach, Pagudpud in early April this year.

It makes me think: Am I a wave or a rock? 

Am I a rock that is trying to withstand the rushing water?

Or am I like water slowly yet steadily crushing the rocks that are weighing me down now?

In any case, I do not know who I am at the moment. What I can do. What am I capable of.

Or I do not know what should I feel. Or should I still feel at all.

I am simply, trying to stay afloat ....

*The video is mine in case you see it elsewhere.