Friday, September 30, 2016

I'll be all right ...

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I declared this last week of September to be awesome.

But the past two days were challenging, waking up feeling so low, crying on occasions that the routine tasks of writing on my journals or updating my weekly planners were proving to be difficult.

I am often told that I am a strong, sensible woman, especially coping with my fiancé's death; dealing with the challenges I had at my most recent full-time job.

But sorry to disappoint, this woman is crumbling inside the past days. I could be described as depressed or sad. But at this point, I am simply inconsolable.

But like the instaquote above: I'll be all right, one day, someday. JUST NOT TODAY.

Tomorrow is a new month, fresh start, and we're getting closer to Christmas, so that should be uplifting, right?

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Hello, it's me ...

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... It's been more than a year since I last wrote here.

So many happened already --- been more than a year since my fiancé died. I coped, still coping, thanks to dear friends and supporting colleagues.

Then I got an executive-level job early this year, and which stint concluded two months ago.

My down time now affords me to take a long, hard look on what my life has been.

I am always hustling, always on the go, hardly stopping.

So the "freedom" I have now (with consultancy jobs on the side) is a welcome respite.

Anyway, I will soon be back working full-time.

Since I am competitive in nature, and my role in recent years carry more responsibilities, so I will be back hustling again in no time.

But, I will make sure to find time to be still, and appreciate what my life has become --- trials and successes and all.

Happy weekend to you all!