Saturday, February 18, 2017


Been almost two months since I last posted --- the consultancy projects I am accomplishing have been amazing and hectic!

And there were opportunities that came my way (thanks to those who believe in me!) Which I had my reservations, but as I heard Sir Richard Branson last year, "screw it just do it!"

I found myself saying yes to things I thought I could not do.

I refused to let the past cast shadow on my bright near- and long-term future.

On the flip side, as I see myself accomplish such feats, I at times became impatient with those I have had to deal with, when they kept saying "no" even without really doing a thing.

So along with the blessings, I continue to be thankful for the grace to be humble and kind to others, especially as I accomplish tasks that require a winning team effort.

Also, as pastor Joel Osteen reminds us in this sermon, God has planned things accordingly for us. Sure, there were delays, failures, setbacks. But those did not mean He said no.

Timing is key. And God knows when is it time to turn the "nos" to resounding "yes!" Lots of "yes!"

And as I say yes, more people open opportunities for me. Of course, there are occasions you have to say "no," and you will surely know when to say such.

But the yes are abundant now. And I know I will not be let in to this if I cannot do it.

I have the support.

I have the trust.

I have a wealth of experience to accomplish herculean tasks.

All that is needed is my "yes!"

So, yes!

Until then. Say "yes!" to a relaxing weekend.